How To Do A Movie Review

This lecture is going to be about writing a film review specifically what it takes to watch a film and analyze it apply that to paper in the form of a review and the expectations for those assignments as this class progresses so if you did the reading for this week you will recognize a […]

Brainstorming And Searching For Idea

Research science shows that if you start something earlier you are able to invest more time and energy into it you’re going to have a better result so allowing yourself plenty of time is crucial in this process and then brainstorming so for some of you you might already be in the midst of writing […]

5 Need to Know Tips for the College Essay

Today, I’m going to give you some help for your college admissions essay. And warn you of the top five most common mistakes that students make on them. Your college essay might not seem as important as your exam scores. But at the top schools, where all of the final round applicants are sending in […]