5 Need to Know Tips for the College Essay

Today, I’m going to give you some help for your college admissions essay. And warn you of the top five most common mistakes that students make on them.

Your college essay might not seem as important as your exam scores. But at the top schools, where all of the final round applicants are sending in 2100’s or above, your essay plays as a tie-breaker.

Here are the top five most common mistakes that students make on their college application essays.

The first on the list is mentioning your resume or application. Don’t repeat things you’ve already put on your application, because they’ve already read through it, so you’re wasting your limited amount of time you have left with the admissions office. Take this time as an opportunity to let them know something about yourself that can’t be portrayed through your application.

The second is making the essay too long. If the prompt asks for a 250-word short essay, give them just that. Again, your time is limited with them, and you want to make sure they have enough time to read through your entire essay instead of skimming, which is what they’ll have to do if your essay is too long.

Number three is using it to explain a weakness in your application. This one should be a given. Don’t ever use your application to explain your faults, use your essay to show them what you’re good at, not what you fall short in. The fourth is using your essay to brag. Do not brag about yourself, or your achievements in your essay unless it’s something you’re really passionate about. Especially if it’s about your academics, which they have already learned about in your application.

The last on the list is making empty statements. A great example of this is an essay about wanting to make a change in the world. If you don’t have an example to back your efforts, don’t mention them at all. These are just a few of the biggest mistakes that admissions officers find in college essays.