5 Tips and Tricks to Avoid Homeschool Burnout


Homeschool burnout can happen for many reasons. For instance, if unforeseen situations come up or if a parent tries to overload themselves, burnout can happen. You can also burnout if you attempt to make everything perfect, when homeschooling your child. This can stress not only you, but your child as well. This will be one more problem you will have to handle on top of homeschooling.

Many circumstances can lead to burnout, such as unexpected long-term visitors or houseguests, long sickness, pregnancy or a new infant, routine changes, etc. Every person is stressed out and tense at some point in his or her life, so how can you tell if it is burnout? Burnout has various symptoms that vary from person to person. Some symptoms are crying for no reason, no motivation, dreading each day, overeating, biting other people’s heads off (figuratively speaking), etc.

You will have to identify if you have homeschool burnout, and decide your next course of action. Becoming burned out from teaching is not always a bad thing, which might just surprise you. This is a warning sign, or a wakeup call, that is time to change something. If you are tense and stressed, your child can see and feel these same effects as well. You might just need to take a little break for a couple of days, to regroup, and start over again.

You can avoid or reverse homeschool burnout, if you stay on alert for the signs, this means in yourself and children as well, as children can burnout also. You then choose the best way to fix the situation. If you are overloaded, do not raise your expectations so high. Nobody is perfect, and this includes you and your kids. Expecting everything to be perfect will lead to stress and burnout.

This experience can teach you and your child how to handle good and bad times, so it is a learning experience also. Try to find different ways to do things, when the way you are trying does not work. You have to be flexible in home schooling. You just take a break if stress becomes evident. Home schooling has many great benefits, including the option to change your teaching style, change your schedule, change your structure, and change days and times also whenever needed.

Most homeschooling parents use many different teaching materials in their home classrooms. You could use your own or a pre-designed method for spelling, English, math, etc. History can be taught through field trips and outings and with stories from grandparents. Science clubs are a great way to teach science, and science projects can be both fun and educational.

Keeping yourself and your kids from becoming overwhelmed is the key to avoiding homeschool burnout. You can get your spouse to help with lesson planning, even if only one spouse is teaching the homeschooling class. This gives you someone to bounce ideas off and help reduce the day’s workload. Homeschooling support groups are a great asset too. Never try to do everything on your own.

There will be some challenges with homeschooling, but homeschooling is still a wonderful experience for both parent and child.