Brainstorming And Searching For Idea

Research science shows that if you start something earlier you are able to invest more time and energy into it you’re going to have a better result so allowing yourself plenty of time is crucial in this process and then brainstorming so for some of you you might already be in the midst of writing your essays for the common app for for these different universities and maybe you saw the prompt and immediately it was like a light bulb in your head and you thought okay.

I know exactly what I want to write about I know the examples in my brain I have it all formulated I just need to put it on paper and so for a lot of people unfortunately that’s not how it works and so it’s important to brainstorm so what I’m saying brainstorm I mean look at all of the prompts that are offered think of all of the possible things that you could do to help formulate something that would be an intriguing NSA it can be something crazy right so brainstorm means you’re putting the good the bad the ugly any sort of idea on paper and then from there you sift through it and you really say okay well my best options out of this so brainstorming is very crucial as well especially if you’re not really sure what route to go and we’re going to talk a little bit more about that here in just a second okay so choosing a prompt as I mentioned before a lot of a lot of universities especially the ones that will accept the common application you have the choice to select what prompt you want the first and most important question to ask yourself before you choose anything is what do you want to write about.

So if I was talking to each of you individually right now and I said what do you want me to know about you what is the most important thing that you want me to know about you as an outsider what would you say what is the most important part of your identity or your experience that you think is important to share with the folks on the other side who are reading your application okay so what do you want to write about because the purpose of this prompt is to help you reflect on something that matters to you right so it shouldn’t be something that’s forced it shouldn’t be something that you feel obligated to write about it should come naturally because it should be something that hits close to home ok so the adit the essay is crucially important because it is the only part of your application that actually allows you to speak in your own voice about whatever matters to you so reading applications I read a lot of applications every day I will see all of your activities I will see your leadership roles i will read what your teachers and your counselors have to say about you and their recommendation letters i will see your grades I’ll see your transcript right so that’s all black and white on paper.