How To Do A Movie Review

This lecture is going to be about writing a film review specifically what it takes to watch a film and analyze it apply that to paper in the form of a review and the expectations for those assignments as this class progresses so if you did the reading for this week you will recognize a term called sin illiteracy and it’s a term that I wasn’t super familiar with in practice until maybe a couple of years ago when I started to teach this course it’s self explanatory though really cinema and literacy so being literate as being able to read and write and critically think and analyze and so sin illiteracy is just that concept applied to cinema if you remember from the first lecture and from one of your assignment sheets I believe or maybe is even your syllabus. Learn more about written movie reviews at Edusson.

There’s a quote by a Oh Scott and he’s the New York Times film critic that’s pretty famous he wrote a book called better living through criticism which is what a large majority of this class is based upon and the condensed version of a quote that I like from him is that art frees our minds criticism tells us what to do with that freedom and criticism is a concept that a lot of people are turned off by in our reading it’ll talk about how there are two camps when it comes to watching a film those who think that criticism is a moot point and shouldn’t be practiced because it ruins a film it takes away a lot of magic in the mystery and really the enjoyment and the other camp is the one that says that criticism should exist for this very reason that a of Scott points out that has thinking individuals individuals with reason and creative creative thinking problem-solving analyzing we have a duty in this democratic society to criticize to not be told what to ingest it would be different if we were watching films and just being told this is a good movie you should enjoy this enjoy this now which is a way that people used to watch television before.

There were so many choices like there are today a good viewer should criticize what they’re watching and should question what they’re watching not believe that it’s good solely because someone else is telling us that it is analysis in general is breaking up the whole to discover the nation the nature excuse me proportion function interrelationships of the parts that’s basically saying that analysis is looking at a film as a whole picture but also looking at it based upon its individual parts all the cogs that work together to make the thumb what it is as you continue to write these film reviews and read film reviews that are published hopefully you’ll discover that there are any good film reviews from credible people and outlets that look at a movie as a whole and give you a whole analysis of the entire thing a kind of a qualitative like this is a good movie I liked it very much type of thing what they do is they they talk about the merits of the film while analyzing certain pieces.